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Tree Consultancy

Trees are just one of many obstacles to securing a planning consent, mortgage and home insurance.

Trees are just one of many obstacles to securing a planning consent, mortgage and home insurance. Here at Valley Trees we understand how to handle issues around trees, and are able to provide you with Tree Reports of any level up to and including BS5837. We also advise that you visit the Ashtag website for more information on how to identify chalara fraxinea which affect’s Ash trees

Site Development

We survey the site and prepare documentation, working closely with your own Architect, to help maximise your chances of success with your local Council. As a fully qualified Arboriculture Company, we are able to produce written reports of the work required, assisting the Planning Officers reach the desired resolution.

Mortgage/Insurance Consultancy

Structural damage can be caused by trees that too close to buildings, by having regular inspections of the tree, the risk of damage can be reduces. We can help get to the root of the problem and produce mortgage and insurance reports through regular inspections.

Risk Management

Where trees grow close to people and property, personal and public safety is obviously important. Big trees that could cause harm or injury if they fail need to be regularly checked and managed to keep risks low. Tree owners have a general duty of care to make sure a competent person systematically inspects their trees.

TPO / Conservation Areas

Trees that make a significant contribution to the local environment may be protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or Conservation Area status. Here at Valley Trees we will assess a tree’s value whilst on site and recommend tree surgery works that may be both beneficial for the trees health whilst at the same time benefiting the customer with what they require from the tree work. We will then approach the local council and organise the required application on your behalf making the process as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Tree Valuation

Trees are difficult to reliably value because of their many benefits, such as visual amenity, contribution to human well-being and wildlife habitat. Tricky as it may be, sometimes an assessment of tree value is essential to resolve a legal conflict or settle an insurance claim for damage. Here at Valley Trees, our tree surgeons have many years experience behind us enabling us to offer resolutions regarding problematic trees and programs to ensure the health the longevity of existing trees.